My work reflects my interests in history ( which I studied on the undergraduate and graduate level) , natural history, and psychology.  My projects often explore family history and the effects of historical events in families on the individual in the present.  What are the questions our ancestors left behind? How are they presented to us in our own lives?  How will our lives be improved if we seek answers to those questions?  What are the consequences if we do not?   Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "every house is a quotation out of all forests, and mines, and stone quarries; and every man is a quotation from all his ancestors."  Our culture's obsession with radical individualization and personal autonomy often ignores or fails to value the silent, greater family that preceded us. 

Kathleen Rogers 



I    Drawn To Print,  (Scene) Metrospace MSU, East Lansing, MI

|    The Perception Project,  Los Angeles, CA

|    Not Just Drawing: A Line With Intent,  ARC Gallery,  Chicago, IL

|    The Shadow Aspect,  Praxis Gallery,  Minneapolis, MN


|    Luminous,  Arc Gallery,  San Francisco, CA

 |   Works On Paper 2017,  LBI Foundation of Arts,  Loveladies, NJ

 |    A Surreal Vision,  Loosenart Gallery,  Rome Italy

 |   Dream or Nightmare, (Scene) Metrospace MSU, East Lansing, MI  


    HOME, ARC Gallery, Chicago, IL Deal With It!, Woskob Family Gallery, State College, PA

|    Deal With It!, Woskob Family Gallery, State College, PA

Viewpoints 2016, Aljira Gallery, Newark , NJ
Dada Lives, UCBA Gallery, Cincinnati, OH
White On White, Helen DeVitt Jones Studio Gallery, Lubbock , TX
Alter+Combine, (Scene) Metrospace MSU, East Lansing , MI


A Show Of Heads, Limner Gallery, Hudson, NY
A/Symmetry, Ph21 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
Who Might I Be?, Nave Gallery Annex, Somerville, MA
Intelligent Objects, Creative Arts Workshop, New Haven, CT
Body and Soul, Kreft Gallery, Ann Arbor, MI


Art2Drone, V1b3, Catalog Exhibition
For Arts Sake, Visual Arts Center of NJ, Summit, NJ
Secrets and Lies, United Photo Industries, Brooklyn, NY and Cambridge, University


Working Artist Photography Award Recipient Spring 2016